FAQ - When is it appropriate to wear a pocket square?
The handkerchief is suitable for all occasions when you wear a jacket, suit or tuxedo. It can be worn in different situations, at work, party, dinner or wedding. You can wear it with a tie or bow tie, or just the handkerchief as it is. The pocket square is an exceptionally good accessory if you want to add a personal touch to your outfit but maintain a relaxed look. Combine with a tie or bow tie and you get a more dressed up look.

How to fold a handkerchief?
There are many different ways to fold a handkerchief. There is no dress code that governs which method should be used. It is up to you and what you feel best in. But keep in mind that the pocket square should not protrude more than 2-3 cm from the breast pocket. Also be careful not to put the handkerchief in the pocket so that it bulges out too much, it does not look nice. Here you will find our guide on how to fold the handkerchief.

What pattern and color should the handkerchief be?
Here you are free to choose what you think is nice or something that reflects your personality. Feel free to choose a pocket square that has a similar color tone as your shirt or tie for the best match. A sure classic is a white handkerchief for a dark suit and white shirt.

What material should the pocket square have?
Material does not matter but is entirely a matter of taste. The most popular fabric is silk. It has a nice shine and luster but is sensitive to stains. A material that has really good imitations of silk is polyester. The price is lower and the material is easier to clean in stains. Then there are handkerchiefs in cotton and wool which are matte in color, as a rule of thumb cotton fits well during the summer while wool is best suited for autumn and winter.

Buy pocket squares online

A pocket square in the jacket pocket is a simple detail that can really elevate your look. There are several ways to fold the handkerchief and it is free to experiment with colors and patterns. We have Europe's largest selection of handkerchiefs online. We have many different materials on our handkerchiefs where silk is the most popular, but why not try a handkerchief in wool or cotton? The handkerchief is a very stylish but cheap accessory for the jacket that makes it a little extra for your outfit, therefore it is an accessory every style-conscious person should have many of. A well-chosen pocket square can really make the whole of a man's outfit. Try experimenting with different colors and patterns on your handkerchief until you find something that gives the right whole in your outfit.

The handkerchief - The accessory for varied attire

The handkerchief is an excellent accessory that provides great opportunities to vary an outfit by just changing the handkerchief. Pocket squares can be worn with a suit, tuxedo or a jacket. The handkerchief is thus well suited for both formal and informal events. For those who want to be handsomely dressed but still look casually dressed, the handkerchief is an excellent alternative. You should not use a handkerchief for practical purposes, if you need a handkerchief to lend to the ladies' party or to wipe the sweat from your forehead, use a napkin. New jackets or suits often have sewn-in pockets, so you have to open the chest pocket to be able to use a handkerchief. However, leave the side pockets sewn together as these affect the jacket's fall and fit.


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