Stylish & festive tie clips for all occasions

Personalize your outfit and tie with a festive tie pin. A tie clip is a great way to really express yourself by proudly exhibiting who you are or the things that keep your interest. We have a wide array of interests and symbols to choose from. And if you just want a really nice, classic tie bar, we have lots of stylish options in timeless variants of silver and gold, all available in a variety of lengths and widths. The tie clip should be positioned between the third and fourth shirt button from the top, at about the same height as the jacket’s breast pocket. Keep in mind that a tie clip should always be straight. The tie pin is sometimes referred to as a tie holder or tie clip as it is designed to keep your tie attached to your shirt so it stays securely in place and doesn’t accidentally make its way into the bowl of dip. No matter the reason, whenever you wear one of our dashing tie bars, it’s sure to really elevate your look. Feel free to match with one of our stylish cufflinks.

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What is the right placement for a tie bar?

Something that adds another dimension to your tie outfit is the tie pin. A nice detail that should be placed exactly in the middle of the tie when it is tied and hangs around the neck. In addition to the tie pin being a stylish accessory, it fulfills a practical function by holding the narrow end of the tie in place. Therefore, make sure that the tie pin encloses both the thick and narrow ends of the tie.


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