FAQ - What width should the tie have?
The most common width of a tie is 8 cm, which is considered standard, while 6 cm is called a narrow tie. A good rule of thumb is that a tall and large person fits better in a wider tie, while a shorter and smaller person fits better in a narrow one.

How long should a tie be?
Traditionally, the tie should end at or just above the edge of the trousers. It is important that the length is correct and this is adjusted depending on where the tie knot is made. Just try it out to find the right length. The standard length for a tie is 148 cm fully extended, which suits most men. For really tall men, we have extra long ties that are 160 cm.

Which tie knot is the best and how do I tie it?
There are about 30 different ways to tie the tie. Fortunately, it is enough to know one way to do it. The most common tie knot by far is the four in hand. It is easy to tie and fits well with all types of shirt collars. How to tie it and many other tie knots can be found here.

Which pattern should the tie have?
We have one of the world's largest assortment of ties. Therefore, it may not be easy to choose a pattern for your new tie. First and foremost, you should always have a black and white solid color tie in your wardrobe as this is the dress code at funerals. White if you are a family or close relative, otherwise black. Otherwise, there are really no dress codes for patterns on a tie. Therefore, you can be creative in your choice and the tie is your opportunity to put a personal touch on your outfit. The most important thing is that the tie matches well with your other attire. A rule of thumb is to preferably have no more than three main colors in your outfit. If you feel insecure, one of the safest cards is a dotted or striped tie. Feel free to match with a nice handkerchief and tie clip.

Which material should the tie have?
Silk is the most popular and luxurious fabric. The advantage is its fine luster and shine, which gives the tie an elegant look. However, the material is sensitive to stains and can be difficult to clean. You must also be careful when ironing if the tie has become wrinkled. The material is expensive but exclusive.

Wool is a material that gives a matte and warm color tone that suits well in autumn and winter. Feel free to use for jackets in coarser materials such as wool and tweed. A wool tie helps to keep warm and breathe well. During the summer, a wool tie risks getting too hot.

Polyester is a cheap and durable material that is well suited for ties as there are now very good imitations of silk. The downside is that it is an adhesive material that can become uncomfortable on a really hot summer day. Otherwise, a polyester tie works just as well all year round.

Cotton is a cheap material that breathes and fits especially well during the summer. A cotton tie gives a matte color tone which is advantageously used for jackets in cotton or linen. The disadvantage of cotton is that it wrinkles easily, although it is usually possible to iron.

Linen is an airy material that breathes very well. Therefore, it fits especially well on hot summer days. The material gives a matte color tone that goes well with thin summer jackets.

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