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A tie and handkerchief are a classic look along with a jacket or suit. Here you will find lots of ties and pocket squares in ready-made sets. You always get our packages at a discount, and you do not have to worry that the colors do not match as we have put together ready-made sets for you.

Tie and handkerchief - Buy online

If you are thinking about wearing a suit or jacket a tie and handkerchief are stylish and preppy accessories. When wearing a suit the best choice is the wide tie, which is also know as the business tie. You do not necessarily need a pocket square, but depending on your outfit and situation it could be a great accessory to take your outfit to a higher level. A good thumb rule is that the hanky should match the colors of your shirt, for example, if you have a blue shirt it is smart to have a hanky with blue details. We have discounted tie and hanky sets if you feel insecure of what tie and hanky to buy.


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