Bexton Cravat Champagne


Product Description

Bexton cravat champagne from Neckwear Ceremony Collection. The cravat is clip-on and is easy to attach with an adjustable clasp, fits all neck sizes. A cravat is usually worn with a waistcoat and is an excellent accessory for weddings and other formal events. The cravat is part of our collection for wedding and formal attire.

Colour: Champagne
Material: Polyester
Width: 12 cm at the widest point
Length including tie: 35 cm
Measurement knot: Knot 7 cm wide at top, 3,5 cm at bottom. Length knot 7,5 cm.
Collar size: One size, adjustable size with clasp.
Brand: Neckwear Ceremony Collection
Manufacturing: Woven, hand-sewn, Swedish design

Item no: VE11000-02
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