Bexton kids tie champagne 6-13 years


Product Description

Bexton kids necktie champagne from Neckwear Ceremony Collection. The necktie for kids is perfect for weddings and other formal events. The necktie fits children between 100 - 160 cm, which corresponds to 6 - 13 years. The necktie for kids is part of our collection of formal attire with accessories for children and adults for wedding. The necktie is like a regular tie, i.e. it needs to be tied.

Colour: Champagne 
Age / Size: 6-13 years, 100-160 cm
Material: Polyester
Width: 6 cm
Length: 120 cm
Brand: Neckwear Ceremony Collection
Manufacturing: Woven, hand-sewn Swedish design

Item no: VE100-10-02
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