Bexton Wedding Waistcoat Champagne + Ascot + Hanky

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Bexton Wedding Waistcoat Champagne

Product Description

Bexton wedding waistcoat champagne + matching cravat and handkerchief

With a detailed yet discreet pattern, this is the perfect set for a stylish and correct wedding look. With reinforced seams on the waistcoat’s various parts and buttons, you can feel completely safe on your wedding day. Our wedding waistcoats, with their well-sewn details and great fit, have quickly become popular.

The waistcoat features 5 buttons at the front and one pocket on each side. The pockets are sewn together but can be unpicked. Adjustable metal buckle at the back for adjusting the fit around the waist. The waistcoat is a classic model that is perfect as formal attire for weddings and other formal events. See our size and measurement guide to find the right size for your waistcoat. The waistcoat is available in sizes 46-54. Cravat and handkerchief are included in this waistcoat set.


Colour: Champagne
Material: Polyester
Sizes: 46-54
Brand: Neckwear Ceremony Collection


Width: 12 cm at the widest point
Length including tie: 35 cm
Measurement knot: Knot 7 cm wide at top, 3,5 cm at bottom. Length knot 7,5 cm.
Collar size: One size, adjustable size with clasp.


Measurement: 25 x 25 cm

Item no: VE1000-VE11000-VE500-02
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