Damask Kids Cravat 2-12 Years | Black


Product Description

Kids wedding cravat from Neckwear Ceremony Collection. The cravat is a clip-on and is easy to attach with an adjustable clasp, fits kids between 2-12 years. A cravat is usually worn with a waistcoat and is an excellent accessory for weddings and other formal occassions. The cravat is part of our collection for wedding and formal attire where we also have matching accessories and waistcoats for adults.

Colour: Black
Material: Polyester
Width: 7 cm at the widest point
Length including tie: 21 cm
Measurement knot: Knot 4,5 cm wide at top, 2,5 cm at bottom. Length knot 5 cm.
Collar size: One size, kids between 2-12 years, adjustable size. Max neck circumference: 40 cm Min: 24 cm
Brand: Neckwear Ceremony Collection
Manufacturing: Woven, hand-sewn, Swedish design

Item no: VE12000-05
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