Swedish Flag Tie 7 cm


Product Description

This tie with Swedish flags is the perfect accessory for anyone who wants to celebrate the greatness of Sweden. Whether it’s for Sweden’s national day, a big football game, a thrilling match of hockey, or a nerve-racking race in the snowshoe World Cup, this is a must-have accessory to show your support and your true colours. Or simply wear it any and every day because it’s just that good looking. The crisp design is stylish while also showing off the noble vision of the Swedish flag. In this collection of flag-adorned accessories, we have made sure to use carefully selected materials to create a high-quality tie that is both affordable and durable — naturally it would have to stand up to the wear and tear in celebrating a World Cup victory, for instance. This tie is hand-sewn and made without any middlemen getting in the way, meaning we can offer these brilliant accessories in top quality and at great prices.

Color: Navy
Fabric: Polyester
Width: 7 cm | 2,75"
Length: 146 cm | 57,5"
Size: One size
Brand: Neckwear
Manufacturing: Hand made, woven, self-tipping, Swedish design

Item no: NO-100-26
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