Tie care – how to take care of your tie

If you want to have a long lasting tie, follow a few simple rules:

  • Loosen the knot of the tie after you have worn it to avoid ugly and unnecessary wrinkles.
  • Gently pull the tie between two fingers to remove wrinkles that were created through the tie knot.
  • Store the tie on a tie hanger so that it remains straight and even. Alternatively, you can convolve the tie and store it in a box.

Ironing a wrinkled tie

If your tie has wrinkles you can carefully iron it. Never iron directly on the tie. It is better to put a wet thin towel or sheet above it while ironing. Begin with low temperature and only increase it if the wrinkles won’t vanish. Be aware that through ironing the brightness as well as the softly rounded edges of the tie may disappear. An alternative can be to steam the tie through hanging it up and treat it with warm steam. In the worst case, you can iron directly on the tie with low temperature and light pressure. Be careful that you don’t destroy your tie because ironing damages the material, brightness and rounded edges of the tie. Therefore, this option should be considered only at last.


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