About neckties

The tie has been popular throughout several centuries, where it´s popularity has varied a lot. Today the tie is once again a commonly used fashion accessory. With a lot of ties in your closet you can give your outfit a new and different look each day, even though a limited number of jackets and suits. The tie is one of few accessories a man can wear. In Sweden there is not the same culture of wearing ties as on England or Italy. But the tie is growing in popularity and has become a part of today’s preppy fashion.

How to build a closet with ties

A closet should contain at least one black and one white tie since these colors are commonly used at funerals. Moreover the man should have a number of solid color silk or wool ties in the closet. Solid color ties are normally used for a formal outfit and dressed look. Good colors to have in your closet are navy, burgundy, and dark brown since these colors are more discrete and work well with a formal dress code. These colors are also easy to match with a black or navy suit.

Additionally the closet should contain of ties with patterns for a relaxed and informal look. Good patterns are dots, stripes, paisley or squares. You can also experiment with different fabrics such as cotton, silk, linen, wool and cashmere. Wool and cashmere ties are perfect for autumn and winter season, since jackets and suits normally are made of thicker fabrics during this period. A wool tie is perfectly matched with a tweed jacket. During spring and summer silk, cotton, and linen is the best choice. The frequent user of ties (ties worn on daily basis at work) should have at least 30 ties in the closest, so he can wear a new tie each day of the month. If you do not use a tie on a daily basis 5-10 ties is enough.

How long should the tie be?

The tie should end slightly above the belt strap. If you tie the tie incorrectly, it will be too long or too short, which other people will take notice of immediately. If you do not get the length right, you have start from the beginning and remake the knot to adjust the length. Always stand in front of a mirror when you do this. A tip for shorter men is to make the tie slightly shorter since this will make you look taller. About one inch above the belt strap is good. Another thing to think about is that the tie must cover all buttons on your shirt.

Funeral – What tie should I wear?

At funerals you should wear a black suit, and white shirt with a black or white tie. Also wear black socks and shoes. If you are close family to the deceased you should wear a white tie. Otherwise a black tie is the correct choice. The width of the tie does not matter, but 3-3,5 inches is the preferred choice.

What features a quality tie?

The stitching holding the tie together should be strong and elastic. When making the knot it is important the stitching is stretchable. The tie should also be smooth, try to find any irregularities by squeezing the tie between your fingers.

The tie should not twirl or twist when hanging, that is a sign of cheap fabric as interlining. A silk tie should also have some stretch.

What is the proper width for a tie?

Ties normally range from 1 - 3,5 inches in width. There is no correct answer of how wide the tie should be. This must be adapted to the person’s personal style, length and body shape. The width of the tie should also be suited after what type of shirt, collar and jacket you are wearing.  Moreover, if you have a wide and big head/face you should consider wearing a wider tie, 2,5 inches and up. However, the safe card is the wide tie since that is the size most commonly used.

At Neckwearshop we have 2 widths of ties, the slim/skinny ties which are 2,4 inch wide. Our wide ties are 3,15 inch wide. For extra long ties you should always go with the wide tie, 3 + inches in width.


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